We design flowers that exhibit combinations of color, texture and shape to create beautifully-arranged pieces.

Brittany Gillespie

owner / designer

Brittany gained her experience working for 8 years at a high end floral shop. While developing her ability in floral design she attended Temple University for floral design. After spending close to 15 years in the floral industry, Brittany is the face and foundation of Petals Lane handling the consultations and design development with each clients. Brittany's passion for design and flowers is motivated by her clients happiness, in which Brittany places large emphasis on the importance of customer service.

Michael Phinney


Michael began his start in the floral industry while attending Arcadia University where he received his Bachelor of Science. He began working at a local floral shop making deliveries and soon begun working on wedding and event set ups. After venturing out with soon to be wife Brittany, Petals Lane was created and now in its seventh year of business. Alongside of daily operations and on site set up, he also designs and arranges.



Amy has been designing for about 15 years while working throughout many floral shops in the Philadelphia area. She has crafted here floral design ability’s working while also attending Tyler School of Art. After a business and personal friendship with Brittany of 15 years there teamwork and understanding of what is expected makes the designs perfect. Currently, Amy in addition to designing acts as the buyer at Petals Lane. Although she enjoys working with many beautiful flowers she especially like working with local and seasonal arrangements.



Susan has been in the floral industry for 32 years. While earning her bachelor of fine arts she has combined her knowledge of design across multiple mediums with her ability to design floral arrangements. Susan has worked with and for many of the top floral shops in Philadelphia and continues to enjoy working with beautiful colors and flowers here at Petals Lane.